Rates and Reservation

When you rent Zaharoda or Tryba, you have the house for your exclusive disposal with
a surrounding garden. Prices can be negotiated for a long stay or for our returning customers.

from 200-450 PLN/night
accommodating 2-8 guests


ground floor
from 300-380 PLN/night
accommodating 2-6 guests


ground floor + attic
from 480-580 PLN/night
accommodating up to 10 guests

Please book your stay with the owner: 
Julita Toczyska
calling the number
+48 509 744 625
or send the e-mail to: folwark@staremasiewo.pl

Booking will be confirmed with the payment of the agreed amount to the account:
27 8063 0001 0030 0303 4425 0001
Julita Toczyska, Stare Masiewo 17, 17-220 Narewka

Please include the name of the lodge and the date of your stay when you make a bank transfer

We issue VAT invoices


The price covers stay from 12 o'clock at noon to 12 o'clock next day. Depending on bookings, we can be flexible with timing of your arrival and departure. Weekend stay is always calculated for 2 nights, regardless of you arrival time.


There is a possibility to arrange a guided tour through the Białowieża Forest. A licensed Białowieża National Park guide can show you the amazing spots and animals of the forest.


We offer all kinds of bike - for adults, teenagers and children. There is also a bike seat available for the youngest children.

Price: 25 PLN / day / bike.