Masiewo attractions

Welcome to Stare Masiewo, where the road ends and time has stopped...

Stare Masiewo is an old village located in Podlasie, at the Polish borderlands, right on the eastern border, which after World War II, divided the royal forest between two countries, Poland and Belarus. Surrounded by Białowieża National Park, Stare Masiewo is a truly unique place. Just as in the nearby Białowieża, there are numerous hiking and biking trails which lead to the most interesting places of the only remaining primeval forest in Europe. Beautiful, original wooden buildings, omnipresent nature in its purest form, a refuge for the European bison, the station and heritage park of the forest narrow-gauge railways, the Siemianówka reservoir, the ornithological observation tower on the Narew river, a harbour canoe in Narewka, constitute only a few of the surrounding attractions.

No description will give you what you need to experience on your own: a total peace and quiet, a sense of separation from civilization, no bustle or hurry, meeting with the local culture, focusing on the here and now in the face of monumental nature and the long history of this area.

Welcome to a place where magic spells on everyone who was lucky enough
to get here.